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E-Konsult Internship Preparatory Program (EIPP)

What Our Students Say...

I ran a fashion business for years but I struggled with growth, structure and i generally felt stuck and dissatisfied. I enrolled for a program at EK Academy which equipped me to get a job in my field. Now I'm currently working, learning and growing! I feel I'm being paid to learn and be exposed to all I've always wanted.
Olabisi P.
Sales Manager
I was stuck in my career and needed to make some decisions. I signed up for the EK career program and I got to learn about Career by design which helped me identify the role I could function effortlessly in, and with passion. I've made the move to my present career and I love every bit of it.
Olubunmi D.
Procurement Specialist
I dropped out of my course of study which I had no passion for, and soon after, started my search for a job. Through E-Konsult Academy, I got my very first job, after being trained and groomed for the work place. After attending other E-konsult employment programs, I was able to identify my other abilities, got skilled and now run my own business.
Pamela I.
Certified Organic Medicine Practitioner, Detox and Salve
I came in contact with E-konsult while in school and I had the opportunity to attend one of the employment programs which helped me define my ideal career path in fashion. Through E-konsult, I got an internship position in a fashion academy and thereafter, was offered the position of a fashion instructor. Today I run my own fashion brand.
Zainab S.
Fashion Director
Getting a job was something I gave up on after so many attempts, especially after running a business for a while. I felt so confused and had debts piling up. Thankfully, I got an opportunity on the E-Konsult Program where I got equipped to get a job. I'm currently working and looking forward to greater feats.
Imaobong O.
Executive Administrator
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