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Basic Employment Program


Dear Female Graduate,

  • Do you feel stuck, stagnant or invisible in the job market?
  • Have you been in a seemingly endless job search cycle with little or no result?
  • Do you lack the skill and experience required by employers to get a good job?
  • Are you tired of sending out CV’s or going for interviews with no call backs or congratulatory messages?
  • Want to get a job, build a thriving career, earn well and make an impact through your work?

Then you need to get equipped to stand out of the crowd, be visible to your intended employer and ultimately, get employed!

💫 Get Equipped For The Next Level

Internship Preparatory Program


What You Will Learn: 

  • How to discover your place in the world of work.
  • How to get, retain and excel in a job or internship opportunity.
  • Basic skills to thrive in today’s job market.
  • How to build your finances from scratch.
  • How to make an impact and be relevant.

We train you, we provide internship opportunities and we provide a thriving community for growth! 

Welcome to E-Konsult Academy

Access niche employment and career development trainings that equip you to get a job, build a purposeful career and become an impact driver through your work.

Employment Education

We offer relevant education for employment that incorporates core values, leadership, skills development and mentorship for purposeful and impactful work.

Flexible Programs

Our programs are easily accessible, affordable, and niche, delivered virtually and onsite to equip participants for productive employment.

Seasoned Faculty

We partner with a pool of seasoned facilitators and industry experts with impeccable track record of delivering value for employment and career development.

Certificate Options

Our programs come with options for certificate qualifications which students can opt to study from.

Our Programs

Through five distinct faculties and our short courses, we offer programs that cover job acquisition, career and skill development, leadership development and transformational impact through work. You can opt to study from our certificate programs, professional or short courses, depending on where you are on your work journey.

E-Konsult Internship Preparatory Program (EIPP)

Coming Soon!
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School of Transformational Work

Understanding the power and purpose of work is key to driving individual, corporate and societal transformation. This school provides participants with the rare knowledge, skills and resources needed to build purposeful careers of impact and relevance, through timeless values and principles.

Coming Soon!
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School of X-Factor Skills

In a highly competitive and dynamic job market, the need to acquire certain skills, knowledge and exposure required to stand out and thrive, is very key. This school provides participants access to basic X-Factor skills, experiences and resources that make them valuable and relevant to the job market.

Coming Soon!
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School of Personal & Leadership Development

Career growth, success and impact requires more than just skills. It requires commitment to continuous personal growth, in the right direction. This school exposes participants to courses that equip them with the principles, values, habits and resources that help to develop leadership qualities that make for a well-rounded female professional.

Coming Soon!
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School of Career Development

A Career is different from a job. In order to build a sustainable career that will guarantee success, impact, and fulfillment, an understanding of one’s career identity is key. This school seeks to help participants discover their ideal career path, and equips them with the basic understanding, knowledge and resources required to succeed and be relevant on that path.

Coming Soon!
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School of Employment 

There is a huge disparity between the classroom and the realities of the ever evolving workplace, leading to the increasing number of unemployed and underemployed female graduates. The School of Employment is designed to bridge this gap by offering quality Education for Employment to female individuals across different levels on their work journey; equipping them to be adequately prepared to get a job in today’s job market, and to thrive in it.

Get Trained By Top-Tier Industry Experts

Be in demand with professional training by thought leaders in several areas of industry.

Chioma George-Ekehon — Founder & Dean, EK Academy

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About Us:

E-Konsult Academy is a female employment school that seeks to provide education for employment by equipping female individuals with the knowledge, skills and resources required to secure employment, build impactful careers and become impact drivers through their work.
It is an expression of E-Konsult, a female employment platform focused on creating employment opportunities for women.

Now Enrolling Students for:

Basic Employment Program
Winter 2023 Cohort
Registration Starts October 1st

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What Our Students Say

I ran a fashion business for years but I struggled with growth, structure and i generally felt stuck and dissatisfied. I enrolled for a program at EK Academy which equipped me to get a job in my field. Now I'm currently working, learning and growing! I feel I'm being paid to learn and be exposed to all I've always wanted.
Olabisi P.
Sales Manager
I was stuck in my career and needed to make some decisions. I signed up for the EK career program and I got to learn about Career by design which helped me identify the role I could function effortlessly in, and with passion. I've made the move to my present career and I love every bit of it.
Olubunmi D.
Procurement Specialist
I dropped out of my course of study which I had no passion for, and soon after, started my search for a job. Through E-Konsult Academy, I got my very first job, after being trained and groomed for the work place. After attending other E-konsult employment programs, I was able to identify my other abilities, got skilled and now run my own business.
Pamela I.
Certified Organic Medicine Practitioner, Detox and Salve
I came in contact with E-konsult while in school and I had the opportunity to attend one of the employment programs which helped me define my ideal career path in fashion. Through E-konsult, I got an internship position in a fashion academy and thereafter, was offered the position of a fashion instructor. Today I run my own fashion brand.
Zainab S.
Fashion Director
Getting a job was something I gave up on after so many attempts, especially after running a business for a while. I felt so confused and had debts piling up. Thankfully, I got an opportunity on the E-Konsult Program where I got equipped to get a job. I'm currently working and looking forward to greater feats.
Imaobong O.
Executive Administrator
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